The first mechanical metamaterial to actively prevent earthquake collapses for a fraction of the cost through additive manufacturing
Yearly Lives Lost:
Expensive Seismic- Resistant methods
are obsolete.

Devastated areas cannot implement these methods in 100,000+ structures


for the
ISMER is the first early-stage
3D-Printing Invention of its kind.
ISMER is in its 2nd Stage of Development.

We are building an additive manufacturing prototype using the ISMER prototype to prevent earthquake collapses in risk regions—including Syria, Turkey, India, and Morocco.

The estimated cost would be below $4,400 USD for foundational support!

Special thanks to @TylerCowen @Mercatus Center + @Thiel Foundation for the $3K angel investment, enabling us to build custom 3D printing machines and microstructured software for infill densities

We have a US Utility patent pending, see our public lattice model here

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ISMER's submitted paper